Nice to meet you!

Wildcard is a new way for entrepreneurs, hackers, freelancers, designers, students, professionals, investors to connect at events and spaces. We offer you the most efficient way to express who you are and what you are looking for. Wildcard gives you an ice breaker to connect with professionals around you. We want to make the world more open and connected.

Explore cities with Wildcard

When moving to a city or just visiting, you want and need to meet the people that matter. To know who’s worth talking to, to do business and explore new cultures. We made Decks for cities so you can explore people from these specific locations.

Our top city Decks are: San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo and Melbourne

Use Wildcard at your event

You and your attendees should get the most out of your event. Pre, present and post your event people can connect with the people that matter using Wildcard. Read more about why your event needs Wildcard.

We’re doing events big or small all around the world with The Next Web, Product Hunt, Startup Fest and more every day.

Wildcard at your space, office or venue

Know who and what matters in the building or on a campus. It works for offices, co-working spaces and universities. Work and study is better with smart people around. Gather all the people visiting your space.

We are at Universities, B. Amsterdam, SUP46, Google Campus, Rainmaking Loft and more every week.